Czech Point System

Do you want to have an overview of traffic violations?

4.6 stars on Google Play

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The application provides information about the point system, which applies to drivers in the Czech Republic. Thanks to your own violation management, you will never forget how many points you have. Do you want to check maximum penalty immediately after traffic violation? You can have this and even more information always with you, even when you are offline.

– easy browsing of traffic violations by category
– multiple sort options for quick searching
– overview of safe driving courses centers for point deduction
– locate and display the nearest places where you can get a listing from the driver’s account (requires GPS). You can start navigation (Google Navigation) or call the place, if a phone number is available. Internet connection is required for this feature
– fines are converted into EUR, USD or GBP based on your locale. Internet connection is required for this feature (currency rates updates at most once a day)

– add and manage your own traffic violations
– widget showing the number of gathered points
– warning when you reach points limit, or in case you are in risk of other than financial penalty
– points deduction after 1 year you didn’t gather any point
– Facebook sharing

– find out penalty depending on the measured speed or the amount of blood alcohol


“An application that clearly shows what are the financial and point penalties for various offenses. They are divided into following categories: speed, parking, technical condition and documents, overtaking/passing, offenses while driving, alcohol and other addictive substances, and others. In the case of negotiations with police about an offense, you can easily and quickly find out if he isn’t just scaring you.”

Michal Štengl,

“Did you get a fine and are interested in what it means for your point account? You will simply specify in the app that you were driving 59 where was the fifty and you’ll find out how you’re doing and what fine you’re facing. A list of places where you can check your points may come handy, as well as where you can get three points back.

Matouš Jelínek,