NFC Profiles+ for SVC

Plugin allowing you to use NFC tags to switch the sound profiles.

4.9 stars on Google Play

NFC Profiles+ for SVCGoogle Play4.9

This plugin allows you to use NFC tags to switch the sound profiles and a lot of other settings. You do not need to write anything on them and it is possible to use the previously registered tags. 

This is a full version of the NFC plug-in. For it to work, you will need to have the Smart Volume Control+ application installed on your device.

How you use it:
1) In the “Planning” tab of the Smart Volume Control application select NFC
2) Click on the green “+” icon next to the profile you wish to pair with tag
3) Choose an existing tag with the NFC Tags Manager or select “New NFC tag”
4) A dialog will show up asking you to load a NFC tag
5) Now place the NFC tag near the back side of the NFC compatible device
6) After reading the tag, a new dialogue shows up asking you to name the tag
7) Enter any desired name and choose “OK” to confirm
8) Now you can simply switch profiles by placing the back side of your device near the NFC tag

In case of any conflicts with any other NFC applications, you can do the following:
If you have phone with Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean open Settings -> Application Manager -> ALL -> YourTagAppName-> Clear defaults.

Please note that your screen will have to be on for the phone to be able to scan the NFC tags. There is a limit in the Android operation system and cannot be changed within the application.

The plugin reads the Unique Identifier of a NFC-enabled tag. This means that you will not need to write any data onto the tag. Instead, you can use any NFC-enabled card. Such as a commuter card, an access card, a student card, a ski pass or whatever you have lying around. These cards can then be linked in order to trigger any profile and settings that is available from within the Smart Volume Control application.

One user scenario could be that you place a NFC-tag in your car. Once the tag is scanned, it should enable the Bluetooth and start the Navigation app of your choice.

Do you like to ride your bike or motorcycle and listen to music through a Bluetooth? Maybe you want to start the tracking app, or Speed volume mode and Headphones mode within the Smart Volume Control before you go, right? Just stick the tag into your tank bag, scan it with the phone and you are all set. You can simply use this scenario just like an athlete who goes jogging.

With NFC Profiles, you can switch the system settings like the WiFi connectivity on and off with a simple touch of a NFC tag. If you are tired of switching off your WiFi, Bluetooth and turning your ringer to silent at night, just do the opposite on the next morning, do not wait a moment longer and place a tag on your bedside table, because this plug-in is just right for you.

Whether you see yourself in any of these scenarios, it will not take more than 1 second to switch to a profile using the NFC tag. We have got you covered!

This plug-in has been tested on NFC compatible devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.


Application SVC+ was thoroughly tested on all versions of Android up to the latest 4.4 KitKat. It is optimized for tablets too.

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“No more Star Trek communicator noises at weddings and funerals! (Is that just me?)”

Jeremiah Rice,

This gives you total control over volumes on your device.”

Ron Richards, All About Android

As I keep saying, if you’re somebody who – like me – listens to a lot of music, it can be a little difficult to either filter the noise through or drown it altogether. For instance, on the train home form work, you want to listen to music and not be bothered for a little bit but, if you were to miss a call from the wife – that could land you in trouble. With SVC you can filter it all out while being selective as well, unfortunately though, this leaves you with no excuse to forget the milk on the way home. If you’re fed up of having to watch your phone’s every move when it comes to your volume then grab hold of control and take your phone back through SVC. For those who follow routines, setting SVC once will be enough for it to make a difference. Certainly worth the money and definitely something you should try out.”

Tom Dawson,