Smart Volume Control+

Application for fast and smart management of sound profiles.

4.4 stars on Google Play

Smart Volume Control+Google Play4.4

Fully customizable profiles are the basis of SVC+. You can switch them manually or automatically using a schedule according to time, calendar, location, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Also, you get the ultimate Speed Volume mode, headphones mode and many other cool features.


  • fully customizable sound Profiles
  • setup Volumes, Bluetooth, WiFi, AP (hotspot), Mobile data, Aeroplane mode, Call forwarding, Screen brightness and Ringtones
  • mute or raise volume for selected contacts including vibration options
  • Volume Lock and Silent mode detection
  • automatic launch of selected applications with profile
  • switch profiles by Timers, Locations, Calendar, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Speed volume mode and Headphones mode
  • 30 Widgets designed for quick and convenient control from your home screen
  • various applications and widget skins for perfect harmony with the color and settings of your Android
  • low energy demand on battery
  • localized in 13 languages: ENG, SPA, POR, FRE, GER, RUS, KOR, CHI, JPN, ITA, POL, CZE, SLO

Are you tired of adjusting the volumes manually? With a SVC+, you can schedule the activation of profiles using timers.
Are you sick of muting the ringer at night, restoring it in the morning, or even turning the WiFi or Mobile data on and off? SVC+ can do it for you.

Add your favorite places and let the application switch profiles according to your current location.
Do you use Bluetooth and Mobile data on your way to work, and then in the office, you need to enable WiFi instead? Add both the place where you park and the location of your office, and let SVC+ take care of the rest!

Do you have a busy schedule? Let profiles be switched by the events in your calendar (Gmail, MS Exchange and more). All you need to do is to add profile tag to the title or description of the event.

With this feature, you can switch profiles when connected to selected Wi-Fi networks. Assign profile “work” to your Wi-Fi network in the office and when the connection is made, your phone will automatically turn to silent mode, e-mail client starts and the ringtones or vibrations will be allowed for your VIP`s only.

Do you like to ride a motorcycle, bike, or exercise and listen to your favorite music? After connecting the Bluetooth headset, you will never need to manually turn on the music player, or Speed ​​volume mode.

Do you listen to music in public transport? Does it bother you when music is too loud at the bus stop or while driving barely heard? Treat your hearing to better with a SVC+ and Speed volume mode, dynamically adjusting the volume according to the speed at which you are moving.

Do you want to hear music with headphones and be sure that if the headphones were accidentally ripped off, you won’t be embarrassed by loud noises from your phone, e.g. in your doctor’s waiting room? The headphones mode ensures that the sound is muted when headphones are unplugged. It restores the volume when the headphones are plugged in again.

Do you wish to take a nap after lunch and don’t want to be disturbed for at least half an hour? The SVC+ can detect silent or vibrate mode and offer you an option to automatically increase the volume after selected time.

Application SVC+ was thoroughly tested on all versions of Android up to the latest 4.4 KitKat. It is optimized for tablets too.

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“No more Star Trek communicator noises at weddings and funerals! (Is that just me?)”

Jeremiah Rice,

This gives you total control over volumes on your device.”

Ron Richards, All About Android

As I keep saying, if you’re somebody who – like me – listens to a lot of music, it can be a little difficult to either filter the noise through or drown it altogether. For instance, on the train home form work, you want to listen to music and not be bothered for a little bit but, if you were to miss a call from the wife – that could land you in trouble. With SVC you can filter it all out while being selective as well, unfortunately though, this leaves you with no excuse to forget the milk on the way home. If you’re fed up of having to watch your phone’s every move when it comes to your volume then grab hold of control and take your phone back through SVC. For those who follow routines, setting SVC once will be enough for it to make a difference. Certainly worth the money and definitely something you should try out.”

Tom Dawson,